Reviews, Interviews, and more.

I’m wrapping up my book tour this week with a stop in Minneapolis for the Loft Literary Wordplay Festival, where I will be in conversation with Tommy Orange, moderated by Joseph Farag. I still have a few events on my calendar, but for the most part I’m done for this spring.

I really enjoyed talking about The Other Americans to audiences across the country and getting to hear their perspectives on it. If you’re curious about the book and would like to know more, you can find interviews with me in The Nation and Guernica.

I also did a video interview with the Los Angeles Times at the Festival of Books last month, a radio interview with Maggie Downs and Tod Goldberg on their KCOD show Open Book , and an audio interview with Pamela Paul for The New York Times Book Review podcast.

In other book-related news, reviews of The Other Americans have appeared recently in the Los Angeles Times, The Atlantic, the Financial Times, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and The New York Times.