Cairo in A Public Space

As some of you may know, A Public Space, the magazine founded in 2005 by Brigid Hughes, occasionally publishes ‘Focus Portfolios,’ which introduce the reader to the literature of a particular country. Issue 9, edited by the scholar Brian Edwards, is about Cairo. You can read Edwards’ introduction, Cairo 2010: After Kefaya, online. Contributors to the special issue include Mansoura Ez Eldin, Ahmed Alaidy, Magdy El Shafee, Muhammad Aladdin, Mohamed Al-Fakhrany, Ibrahim El Batout, Omar Taher and Khalid Kassab.

The picture above was taken at the British Museum, which is, sadly, as close as I ever came to seeing Cairo antiquities.


  • Fantastic season on ! It’s so rare to see such a great mix of writing, acting, and directing.
  • Cynicism trades hope for despair.
  • Imagine what Elizabeth Warren & Bernie Sanders—and all their supporters—could accomplish if they worked together.
  • Imagine if we didn’t pay attention to what pundits have to say about which candidate is more electable.

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