Secret Son

My first novel, Secret Son, is being released today. It should be at your local independent bookstore, chain bookstore, and of course it’s available online as well. In fact, readers who pre-ordered the book seem to have gotten it several days early (I’ve already heard from some of them!)

Here’s a little blurb about the novel:

For years, Youssef, a young man from a Casablanca slum, has heard his mother’s stories about his dead and respectably poor father, stories he used as inspiration for his own life. But when a religious group, known simply as The Party, moves into town, he discovers the truth—his father is a wealthy businessman and very much alive. Youssef sets out to find his real father and enters his Westernized world, setting off a chain of events with disastrous consequences. Secret Son, set in modern Morocco against a background of corrupt liberalism and Islamic fundamentalism, explores the struggle for identity and the myriad ways in which the political, the personal, and the religious bind us together.

If you live in any of the cities I’m visiting over the next three weeks, please come by and say hello. I’ll also be doing several radio interviews while on tour. (Tomorrow, for instance, I’ll be on Indiana’s WBOI tomorrow at 10.30 am EST/7.30 am PST, so please tune in.) I will try to post links to print reviews as time permits.