On Tour: Day Two

When I left Los Angeles on Sunday, my suitcase weighed six pounds more than the air carrier’s limit, so I had to take out all the heaviest items, which, for the most part, were the books and carry them with me on the plane. So, on Monday, I went to the Queen Anne post office here in Seattle to ship back all the books I had brought with me on tour. I’m upset, as I had hoped to catch up on some reading during my trip.

I spent much of Monday going from interview to interview, but the main event of the day was of course the reading at Elliott Bay Book Company. It was great to see bookseller Rick Simonson again; of course he had several books to recommend (notably Anne Michaels’ The Winter Vault) and so…I ended up buying a few books.

Some new reviews and/or mentions of Secret Son: Kevin Smokler in the Huffington Post; Jonathan Messinger in Time Out Chicago; Anderson Tepper in Time Out New York; Bernadette Murphy in the Los Angeles Times, and Kevin Holstberry in Collected Miscellany.