Why I’m Voting For Obama


The primary reason for my choice is that Obama opposed the Iraq war back in 2002. I remember that year as a time when the majority of our politicians and our talking heads were falling over themselves trying to sound “tough on Iraq.” They led the country into a disastrous war that will affect the region and the rest of the world for generations. Obama didn’t have to say he was against the war, but he did. And that shows judgment.

In addition, Obama has said he would be willing to talk to the leaders of Iran without preconditions, while Hillary Clinton was agitating to have the Revolutionary Guard declared a terrorist organization. We know very well what happens when leaders use pre-conditions for talks (Ireland, Israel, etc.) and it’s time for a different approach with Iran.

In terms of domestic policy, Hillary Clinton’s proposals on health care are more precise, but I am under no illusions about her ability to turn them into actual legislation. The future president will have to work with Congress on health care reform, and I think Obama is much more likely to get the bipartisan support he needs to get legislation passed. The same holds true for the economy, and pretty much every other issue.

Lastly, this nation needs a fundamental change. When was the last time you saw so many voters overcome by emotion at a rally? Obama has that rare capacity to inspire. So: If you’re undecided, please consider voting for Barack Obama tomorrow.

(Photo by: Annie Leibovitz)


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