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My Friday post about the New Hampshire primary elicited a lot of emails from you, so rather than answer individually, I am posting a handful of them here. Reader Nomi H. wrote to say:

One theory I’ve read about is that people in New Hampshire were truly disgusted with the pollsters, and with the journalists “pronouncing” their decisions prematurely. It was NOT a resounding victory for Clinton, by any means…

I share this frustration. Clinton and Obama won the same number of delegates in New Hampshire, but the Clinton win was framed as “comeback.” A comeback from what? The month of December? If they hadn’t been so quick to pronounce her political demise, there would have been no comeback. Meanwhile, reader Joseph H. wanted me to know that:

There is a new and scarier interpretation of the results surfacing even in the mainstream media.

He is referring, of course, to the theory that the Diebold voting machines, which were used in bigger cities but not in small towns, somehow favored Hillary Clinton. Reader Linda M. concurred, and added:

If there were shenanigans in New Hampshire, I would like that exposed right now. I want the vast right winged conspiracy to steal elections to stop. I want my democracy back, dammit. I am tired of having amoral thugs tyrannizing this country and the world.

Amen, sister. The problem is that the state of New Hampshire won’t pay for a recount, so if Kucinich wants a recount, he’ll have to pay for it. Reader Jessica L. offered yet another explanation:

Liberal NH women were going to vote for Hillary no matter what. Pollsters certainly got it wrong. But there is a large bloc of very active women who were responsible for electing one of first women governors, had women in the state legislature very early on, and electing a woman is top priority for them.

Too bad that they’re choosing a woman who’s so thoroughly without principle. (See for instance the kinds of attacks she’s been waging lately.) Lastly, my friend David wrote:

I think you are buying into the media hype, which represents some of the shoddiest reporting I have ever seen. (…) I read today that even in my (and Clinton’s) home state of NY, Obama has a shot at winning. So buck up. This election is the first political event in a long time about which I am actually optimistic.

And there you have it.


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