In Kenya


My knowledge of Kenya probably begins and ends with the novels of Ngugi, which is why I haven’t written about the growing conflict in the country at all. It’s been heartbreaking watching the violence spread while Mwai Kibaki persists on saying he won the (rigged) elections and Raila Odinga claims he‘s the rightful winner. More than a thousand Kenyans have died (as many as during the invasion of Lebanon in 2006) and both Kibaki and Odinga are tacitly condoning the violence by doing nothing to stop it.

In Ofeibea Quist-Arcton’s report for NPR, the novelist Binyavanga Wainaina echoes this sentiment. Kibaki and Odinga, he says, “are dancing on a stage with matches and gasoline” despite the vast, public pleas for them to stop the violence, despite their own agreement on Friday to a preliminary plan, despite the intervention of foreign mediators.


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