Howard Dean Moment

I normally don’t register a party affiliation, but when we moved to California, I registered as a Democrat because I wanted to be sure to vote in the Democratic primaries here. So I’ve been watching the campaigns very closely. As regular readers probably know, I dislike Hillary Clinton very much, and for many reasons. (She voted for the Patriot Act; she voted for the war in Iraq; she voted for the torture bill; she doesn’t appear to have met a lobbyist she didn’t like; she calls herself a feminist, but said her husband cheated because he had been abused as a child, etc.) But even though I dislike her, I felt sorry for her when I saw how this little video has been at the top of the news all day, played at least five times in one hour on CNN, and written about on the front page of the New York Times. What is going on here? Obviously, I was not planning to vote for Hillary Clinton, and I haven’t changed my mind but the way the media have been playing this, you’d think it was worse for America that this woman got a little emotional than that she voted for that immoral war in the Middle East.


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