Pay Discrimination Is Your Problem

Katha Pollitt has a great column in the latest issue of The Nation about the Supreme Court’s recent decision to limit to 180 days the time in which a worker may legally file suit against his or her employer for pay discrimination. Pollitt comments on possible consequences of the ruling:

If we can’t rely on the courts(…) there’s always the law of unintended consequences. A lot more women and minorities may bring suit first, rather than try to work things out politely with their employer, as right-wing antifeminists are always advising women to do if they feel, no doubt mistakenly, that they have a grievance. For those who believe the feminist movement marginalized itself by taking its eye off the dollar, this is the perfect opportunity to get back to economic issues that have cross-class appeal. Economic populists take note: You might want to add eliminating sexist and racist pay discrimination to your definition of the common good. And those who think feminism is no longer necessary might want to consider the connection between Ledbetter and the Court’s upholding of the so-called Partial-Birth Abortion Ban. Putting women back in their box, anyone?

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