New Collection by Bendib

Cartoonist Khalil Bendib has published a new collection of cartoons, which he presented in Los Angeles a few days ago.
The cartoon above shows a colony of Dick Cheney lookalikes, carrying bags labeled “Fraud,” “No Bid Contracts,” “Food Services Overcharges,” and “Gasoline Overcharges.” The caption says: “Hallibaba and the Forty Thieves.”

This one shows two Al-Saud family members fast asleep while their answering machine responds to an incoming call: “Hello. You have reached the House of Saud. We’re busy at the moment. If this is an emergency and thousands of pilgrims are dying due to our incompetence, at the sound of the beep please leave us alone. Thank you.”

Bendib’s new collection is called Mission Accomplished: Wicked Cartoons by America’s Most Wanted Political Cartoonist. You can view many of Bendib’s cartoons on his website. Enjoy.