One More Move

Over the last fifteen years, I’ve lived in Downtown Los Angeles, Koreatown, Torrance, Redondo Beach, Portland, and Casablanca. That’s one move every two years. I am so tired of moving–and yet here I am, doing it again. I’m in L.A. with my husband at the moment, looking for a place. We’ve only been gone from the city for four years, and yet so much seems to have changed. There’s so much gentrification; traffic is worse, if that’s even conceivable; and there’s a café that calls itself ‘literati,’ because it uses book spines as wall decor. (The horror! The horror!) Still, I’ve missed L.A. There’s a great diner we went to every weekend for 8 years, and it’s still open; there are lots of good theaters; amazing music; and of course all our friends and family.