Back in Action

I’m finally back home, and have access once again to my laptop and (semi-reliable) Internet connection. Over the last four weeks, Alex and I went to Ifrane, Azrou, Meknes, Fez, Tetuan, Ceuta, Tangier, and villages along the Mediterranean coast. We read books, we saw movies, we took friends to see sights, we bargained over souvenirs (it was generally agreed that I was worse at bargaining than even tourists), we swam in the sea.

And everywhere we went, I was the party pooper. “That beach sounds fantastic,” I’d sigh, “but, really, I should go back to the apartment and edit Chapter 12.” Or “I’ll catch up with you in the medina later, I’ll just rewrite this one scene I have in mind first.” Or “Can we get back on the early side? I have some work to finish?” It went like this for our entire vacation, and although I felt terrible for Alex and our friends, at least I did manage to finish another draft of my novel. Now my plan is to do some fine-tuning before my return to the U.S. in mid-August.