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Muslim graves have been desecrated in the city of Esbjerg, west of Copenhagen. No word yet from self-declared experts on what “ails” the “Danish street.” Meanwhile, the Italian minister for Reform, Roberto Calderolli, has announced he will start wearing T-shirts with one of the infamous cartoons. In Morocco, Aboubakr Jamai, publisher of the Casablanca-based Le Journal Hebdomadaire, is facing harassment for printing a photo of the newspaper France-Soir, which carried the cartoons of the Prophet. Lastly, three people have died in Pakistan, shot by police as they were protesting said caricatures, bringing the total death toll to nineteen. Just when you think everyone’s lost their minds, Egyptian editor Hany Shukrallah provides one of the best and most lucid assessments on this overblown controversy.

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