The Toll So Far, II

On the Israeli side: 51 people have been killed, including 28 civilians and 23 IDF soldiers. Residents of northern towns in Israel are confined to bomb shelters, and about half have evacuated.

On the Palestinian side: 140 people have been killed, including about 70 civilians and 70 fighters from Hamas or Jihad. Crossings into Gaza remain shut, and “food shortages are chronic.”

On the Lebanese side: 423 people have been killed including: 376 civilians, 20 Lebanese soldiers, and 27 Hizbullah members. About a third of the civilians were young children. More than 750,000 Lebanese have been displaced (one out of every 5 citizens). An estimated 50,000 homes have been destroyed, not counting the roads, bridges, airport, seaports and other civilian infrastructure.

All this in addition to four unarmed UN peacekeepers (from China, Austria, Finland and Canada), killed by an Israeli “precision-guided aerial bomb.”


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