The Simple Solution

Over at the Times, Jeannette Winterson has a suggestion for publishers: Only publish books that need to be books, because:

People who don’t really read don’t really need books – so let them have Jordan and Becks in lots of other ways. Audio, animated-audio, that is, audio with pictures – is just about right for most celebrity publications. (…)

Too much is being published. It is time to use new technology to slim the bloat. It is no shame to find other formats for publications that should not be books at all.

Only if it spares us from The DaVinci Code.


  • Fantastic season on ! It’s so rare to see such a great mix of writing, acting, and directing.
  • Cynicism trades hope for despair.
  • Imagine what Elizabeth Warren & Bernie Sanders—and all their supporters—could accomplish if they worked together.
  • Imagine if we didn’t pay attention to what pundits have to say about which candidate is more electable.

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