‘Scorecard of Death’

Robert Fisk, writing in The Independent:

The obscene score-card for death in this latest war now stands as follows: 508 Lebanese civilians, 46 Hizbollah guerrillas, 26 Lebanese soldiers, 36 Israeli soldiers and 19 Israeli civilians.

In other words, 92% of the Lebanese casualties are civilians, while 34% of the Israeli casualties are civilians. What does it say about a government when it kills proportionately more civilians than the terrorists it claims to be fighting?

I know that the hawks will say that “Hizbullah is a terrorist organization that intends to kill as many civilians as possible” while “Israel is a government that intends to kill terrorists, and ‘deeply regrets’ the loss of life that might result from those strategies,” or some variation of that statement. But what we are being asked to believe here are the unequivocally good intentions of Olmert, Peretz, et al. while simultaneously rejecting any good intentions of Nasrallah and Hizbullah. I don’t know about intentions, I’m not a mind reader. But those casualty numbers don’t support that argument whatsoever.

Related: It’s official. Human Rights Watch has categorized the massacre at Qana and other similar attacks as war crimes.


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