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Beirut is being blown to smithereens, but Bush says it’s “a step to peace.” Truly, we have all been locked up in 1984, and someone’s thrown away the key.

Helen Thomas, the Dean of the White House Press Corps, who happens to be of Lebanese descent, has been referred to as a spokesperson for “Hezbollah” by Bush spokesperson Tony Snow (via). Last month, a Republican from Iowa referred to Thomas as the reward that awaits suicide bombers in hell. Nice folks they have in Washington.

Among the so-called “Hizbollah targets” that headlines keep telling us Israel has hit: power stations, gas stores, a water treatment plant, Beirut airport, 3 seaports, 38 main roads, 55 bridges, 2 hospitals, and a milk factory. What, you didn’t know Lebanese milk was liable to cause a terrorist attack? Well, now you know.

David Morley compares media coverage of the war from America, Europe, and the Arab world.

A University of Akron professor of geography, who holds dual Israeli and Canadian citizenship, has been detained without charge in Israel.

A demo against the war will be held in London this Saturday. Details here.


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