Fatwa This

For the last few years, the Wahhabi regime of Saudi Arabia has been quietly, but systematically destroying several archeological sites of religious and cultural significance to Muslims. Among these destroyed sites are: The grave of Amina bint Wahb, the Prophet’s mother, which was bulldozed in 1998; the house of Khadijah, the Prophet’s wife, which was demolished and replaced with lavatories; the house of Abu Bakr, the companion of the Prophet and his political successor, was destroyed in favor of a Hilton hotel. Even the birthplace of the Prophet is under threat; the Saudi government built a library around it, and now they want to destroy even those remnants and build on them.

Now, the Wahhabis are mulling whether to bar women from praying at the Grand Mosque in Mecca, the world’s largest pilgrimage site. The proposal is sheer misogynistic lunacy. And of course it’s potentially unenforceable. I can’t imagine that women pilgrims will stop turning up at the Ka’aba. But the way in which this fundamentalist sect has co-opted what should be the religious and cultural heritage of one-fifth of humanity is truly sickening.


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