The Independent‘s Andrew Grumbel explains a few things about the immigration protests to the American punditocracy:

If American politicians and pundits were clueless about the size and ambition of the immigrant rights’ movement, it is because they live in a different media universe and speak a different language.

Much of the legwork for the big demonstrations in Los Angeles on 25 March and in Dallas on Sunday was done by local Spanish radio. (…) Although the vast majority of the immigrants and their supporters have been Spanish-speaking, the radio campaign was mirrored by outlets such as Radio Seoul, Los Angeles’s 24-hour Korean-language station. (An estimated one in five Koreans living in the United States is there illegally.) Despite talk of a “digital divide” separating wealthier Americans from the poor, the immigrants’ rights movement has also been fuelled by mobile phone traffic, text messaging and e-mail bulletin boards.

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