Catch-22 in Sudan

Yesterday the UN Security Council approved resolution 1706, which expands the mandate of the peacekeeping mission to include Darfur, but also requires the consent of the Sudanese government in order to proceed. Jonathan Edelstein remarks:

The issue of Sudanese consent is proving to be the catch-22 of international Darfur peacemaking. There isn’t enough political support within the council to approve the deployment of forces against Khartoum’s will; China was uncomfortable with the resolution even as it stands and would almost certainly veto any measures that compromised Sudanese sovereignty. But at the same time, a deployment that depends on Khartoum’s approval isn’t going to happen anytime soon, and with the mandate of the ill-equipped African Union force set to expire in October, the result could be a security vacuum.

Which, of course, will only make the situation worse. Read more of Jonathan’s commentary here.


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