Cairo Massacre

Two weeks ago, the Egyptian police assaulted Sudanese refugees who had been camped outside UNHCR offices in Cairo. The refugees had been seeking asylum in a third country, but Egypt didn’t want them, and the UNHCR was using the end of the war in southern Sudan as an excuse not to resettle them elsewhere. On December 29th, the police used water cannons, destroyed the shelters, and beat the refugees, killing 23 of them. You can read an eyewitness account at Noura Younis’s blog entry: Disgraced To Be Egyptian.

When the massacre happened, it was scarcely reported here. Egypt, after all, is an ally, and what happens in ally countries is of little interest to the media here. Now it appears that as many as 265 people may in fact have been killed, according to a Sudanese representative who visited area hospitals. Whenever a dictatorship admits to killing x number of people, you can be sure that the number should be multiplied by 2 or 3. In Egypt, however, the coefficient appears to be 10. This is sickening.


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