Bush Is No Roosevelt, Either

In a continued bid to liken the Iraq debacle to a fight between Good vs. Evil (TM), Bush has multiplied references to World War II. First was his use of the term “Islamic fascists,” which had hitherto been used mostly by right-wing columnists. Now he’s drawn a comparison between Bin Laden and Hitler.

Hitler is proving quite a useful figure in the culture war. Back in 1991, George Bush The Elder compared Saddam to Hitler, but in the end decided to let him stick around for another ten years. In March 2003, in the run-up to the invasion, George W. Bush also compared Saddam to Hitler. Now that the Iraqi dictator is in custody, he can no longer fulfill the function of Public Enemy Number One. So in February 2006, Donald Rumsfeld compared Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez to Hitler. It is now Ossama Bin Laden’s turn at the seat.


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