To Do On Thursday

Driss C. Jaydane will present his debut novel, Le Jour venu, at the Carrefour des Livres here in Casablanca. Set in the 1980s, Le Jour venu is described as the coming of age story of a young bourgeois from Casablanca. Having the reading in a Maarif bookstore is quite à propos, then.

Write-ups in the local press have been quite favorable. See, for instance, the article by Driss Ksikes in Tel Quel or the review by Kenza Sefrioui in Le Journal. Details:

Driss C. Jaydane
Le Jour venu
Thursday, December 7
7 pm
Carrefour des Livres
Angle des Landes et rue Vignemale
022 23 46 65

Be there!