Tempest in a Tea Cup

Yesterday, I expressed my dismay at the fact that the supposed “Campaign Against the Filming of Monica Ali’s Brick Lane,” or whatever the hell it was called, was getting too much attention, to the detriment of those who didn’t care about it one bit. Well, the campaign’s march on Sunday “drew 2 women and 70 older men,” the Guardian reports, and “threats of violence and book-burning failed to materialise.”

“We cannot allow small numbers of ‘offended’ traditionalists the power of censorship,” agreed Appignanesi. “Mr Salique’s campaign, the media and the police’s willingness to accept him as a representative, are shaming to the proud history of Brick Lane, which has been home to generations of immigrants from many countries, among them some of Britain’s leading writers and artists.”

Maybe next time the media will ask who the “community leaders” represent before giving their words such weight.