Sarvas on Grass

Los Angeles-based writer and blogger Mark Sarvas offers his thoughts on the Günter Grass controversy:

We’re not suggesting – as some commentors seem to think – that he should be punished for youthful mistakes or for having been a Nazi (although it’s scarcely a fait accompli that he shouldn’t). We are saying that the sheer, naked, breathtaking hypocrisy here is inarguable. This cuts to the heart of what one requires of one’s moral exemplars, self-appointed or otherwise. A certain amount of consistency seems a minimum; at the other extreme, being outrightly two-faced for a period of 60 years seems ample grounds to merit reassessment of Grass’ place. Talk of “punishment” and the like is silly, but as Bill Clinton knew, it’s all about the legacy – and Grass’ should be reevaluated and appropriately and permanently diminished over this.

There is also a great discussion going on in the comment section of his blog.