Keret & El-Youssef

Terri Gross, the host of Fresh Air on NPR, interviews Israeli writer Etgar Keret (The Nimrod Flip-Out) and Palestinian writer and critic Samir El-Youssef about their perspectives on the war. You can listen online.

You may remember that Keret and El-Youssef co-authored a collection of stories called Gaza Blues. My favorite anecdote about this collaboration is one Keret told (I can’t find the reference; I think it was in a Nextbook interview a year ago, maybe) about a reading the two of them gave in Paris. After they had finished their reading, a woman raised her hand and said, “I’ve been listening to the two of you talk for the last hour, and I’m still confused: Which one of you is the Israeli? And which one the Palestinian?”

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Thanks to Lauren B. for the NPR link.