B-Loaf Busy

I am still in Vermont, fighting off bugs (what is it with bugs in this state? They’ve got mosquitoes the size of birds, and ants and spiders and bees and flies and moths and a dozen other insects I can’t even name) and having far too great a time to blog much at all. Yesterday we attended a great lecture by Josip Novakovich on writing in English as a second language, Helen Schulman read from her upcoming novel A Day at the Beach, and Peter Orner from his recently published one (The Second Coming of Mavala Shikongo.) We also had an amazing craft class with Robert Boswell, in which we read Mary Robison’s story “Pretty Ice” and studied why it worked so well. Then there were readings by Toi Derricotte and Gonzalo Barr and David Tucker and half a dozen other people whom I’m sure I’m forgetting. Now I have to go prepare for a class I’m teaching tomorrow. More Soon.