Acito on PoBo

Marc Acito (How I Paid For College) explains the virtues of Portland Bohemianism, or PoBo, for short:

Unlike traditional bohemians, PoBos don’t necessarily live in self-induced poverty. Instead, PoBos opt for simplicity. Even downsizing empty-nesters paying too much in the Pearl are bohemian in their rejection of the sprawling, fuel-inefficient suburbanism of places such as Phoenix, a city that expands 1.2 acres an hour.

In the city that works, our artists and intellectuals do just that, free from the cutthroat competition of New York, the mendacious maneuvering of Los Angeles or the smug self-congratulation of San Francisco. We’re a humble bunch, content to create in our affordable houses and ride our bikes to the farmers market in our sensible footwear.

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