‘License to Lie’

Ron Suskind’s new book, The One Percent Doctrine, a rather damning portrait of the Bush administration, has been getting loads of attention, but I must say I wasn’t particularly interested because, really, how many times does one have to be told about the lies and corruption and belligerence of this administration? That’s precisely the point that Gary Kamiya addresses in his review for Salon:

At this point, one could forgive readers for asking, “How many more damning portraits of the Bush administration do we need?” From yellowcake to Joe Wilson to Abu Ghraib, the list of Bush scandals and outrages is endless, but nothing ever seems to happen. As the journalist Mark Danner has pointed out, the problem is not lack of information: The problem is that Americans can’t, or won’t, acknowledge what that information means.

More of this thorough review here.