Giveaway: The Attack

This week, I’m giving away a copy of Yasmina Khadra’s The Attack, translated by John Cullen. The novel is about a Palestinian-Israeli surgeon named Amin Jaafari, who is on duty when victims of a suicide bombing are brought in to the emergency room. Among the dead and dismembered, he discovers the body of his wife, and learns that she played a crucial role in the attack. The book has received two reviews in the New York Times, one by Janet Maslin, the other by Lorraine Adams, and is sure to get more attention from the media. For my money, though, the best review I’ve read of Khadra’s work appeared a couple of years ago in the London Review of Books. Check it out.

The third person to correctly answer this question gets the book: What is Yasmina Khadra’s real name? Please use the subject line “The Attack” in your email. And please include your street address. Previous winners excluded. Update: The winner is Richard G. from Brooklyn, New York.