New Amis

The Independent reports that Martin Amis’s new collection of stories, House of Meetings, will feature a piece about Mohammed Atta, the 9/11 hijacker:

As explained by his publisher, Jonathan Cape, the tale can be summarised like this: “Accompanied by one of the ‘muscle’ Saudis, Mohamed Atta drove to Portland, Maine, on 10 September 2001. Noone knows why. In ‘The Last Days of Mohamed Atta’, Martin Amis provides a rationale for Atta’s insouciant detour, and for other lacunae in the ‘planes operation’. We follow Atta on that day: from his small-hour awakening in the budget hotel room in Portland, all the way to 8:46am – and beyond.”

If this story’s going to be anything like Updike’s “Varieties of Religious Experience,” then spare me.

Link via the Lit Saloon.