Boundaries Pushed

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned the ‘Without Boundary‘ show currently on view at MoMA. Now in a New York Observer piece, Tyler Green reports that some of the artists connected with the show are unhappy about it, including Shirin Neshat, who says:

“My immediate reaction was, how could anyone today discuss art made by contemporary Muslim artists and not speak about the role the subjects of religion and contemporary politics play in the artists’ minds?” Ms. Neshat said. “For some of us, our art is interconnected to the development of our personal lives, which have been controlled and defined by politics and governments. Some artists, including Marjane Satrapi and myself, are ‘exiled’ from our country because of the problematic and controversial nature of our work.”

Green points out that it’s “highly unusual” for artists included in a MoMA show to criticize “the most powerful art museum in the world.” You can read more about the artists’ frustrations and MoMA’s stance on the merging of art and politics here.