The Partner of “JT Leroy” Speaks

Geoffrey Knoop, the partner of the writer formerly known as JT Leroy, speaks to the NY Times about his role in the scam:

Mr. Knoop said that he played an important role in the creation of JT Leroy, who developed a cult literary following. “On the business side, I ran a lot of the day to day,” Mr. Knoop said. “Sending things out and contacting people, making decisions about what we were and weren’t going to do.”

Mr. Knoop, whose 25-year-old half sister Savannah Knoop was unmasked by The New York Times last month as the public face of JT Leroy, said that he had come forward out of concern for his son, family members and others affected by what he called an all-consuming web of deceit. He said he and Ms. Albert separated in December, in large part because of stress caused by the deception. He said they are involved in a custody dispute over their young son. “If you’re feeling more and more suffocated by the complications and lies, it’s not worth it,” he said.

But of course he’s not speaking out because of the lies, he’s speaking out because he’s hired an entertainment lawyer and is hoping to sell a movie about his experience.