Tsunami, Six Months On

It’s been six months. The death toll stands at 178,000. More than 2 million people have been made homeless (yes, million). And what does the print press have to say? The Washington Post doesn’t have anything at all about the grim anniversary. The NY Times relied on Reuters and AP releases. (Maybe all their staff writers were busy reporting on Tom Cruise.) And CNN, which was quick to send that smug-faced anchor of theirs all the way to South Asia for the tragedy, has only bothered with one article.

The picture below is from Post Secret, a website that collects postcards sent in by people who want to share a terrible secret with the world, under the cover of anonymity. I hadn’t visited the site in a while (it’s updated only once a week) but I was prompted to do so again after a mention on another blog. The secret below seemed oddly appropriate for today:


I don’t think this person’s secret is unique. It’s a truth that many, many people in this country would probably admit if they, too, could put it on an anonymous postcard. So then why are talking heads acting all shocked that America is now less popular than communist China?


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