Tsunami, One Month Later

It’s been a month. The Indian Ocean tsunami has brought destruction of unbelievable proportions to twelve countries in Asia and Africa, killing at last count as many as 226,000 people.
I think about the dead, the missing, and the survivors, and I wonder what they would say if they could tell their stories. Would the nameless Indian boy comfort his parents? Or would he just cry with them, at the life that was taken before it could be lived?
What would fifteen year old Yeni Sofiana say? The only remnant of her life is a blue Indonesian ID, stuck on an iron fence like a punctuation mark. Is she alive? Or is she dead?
What would Baby 81 say? The poor baby can’t even speak yet. He’s only four months old. Would he recognize any of the nine families that have now claimed him as their lost child? What will the Sri Lankan judge who must decide his fate face do?


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