This Just In: They Riot Because They’re Polygamous

Have you heard the latest on the riots in France? Apparently, it’s all because of polygamy. So say Nicolas Sarkozy, Bernard Accoyer, and even Hélène Carrère d’Encausse (further proof that being a member of the Académie does not preclude you from making utterly stupid statements.) Here she is, quoted in the Times:

Referring to the problem of African immigrants in France, she told Russian television in Moscow on Sunday, “Everyone is astonished: Why are African children in the streets and not at school? Why can’t their parents buy an apartment? It’s clear why. Many of these Africans, I tell you, are polygamous. In an apartment, there are three or four wives and 25 children.”

All I can say is: The people of Utah better watch out. Rioters are coming.


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