Riot News

Would any of you kind souls out there happen to have a subscription to the New York Review of Books? I see that the December 15 issue has an essay by William Pfaff on the riots in France, which starts thus:

The rioting in France’s ghetto suburbs is a phenomenon of futility but a revelation nonetheless. It has no ideology and no purpose other than to make a statement of distress and anger. It is beyond politics. It broke out spontaneously and spread in the same way, communicated by televised example, ratified by the huge attention it won from the press and television and the politicians, none of whom had any idea what to do.

Okay, but then what? Tell me. Thanks for sending me the rest of the article. I’m looking forward to reading it.

In other riot news, did you know that the 9,000 burned cars, the violence and mayhem, the arrests, it was all because of rap music?


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