Nichelle Tramble Recommends

sadarizona.gif“My recommendation for an underappreciated book is Ryan Harty’s Bring Me Your Saddest Arizona.” Tramble adds, ” I was initially drawn to the evocative title. This is a beautifully written short story collection, and Harty pays careful attention to the nuances of language. Set mostly in the Arizona desert region, Bring Me Your Saddest Arizona focuses mainly on the small pauses and missteps in relationships. The interactions are textured and grow stronger with each story.”

tramble.jpgNichelle D. Tramble is the author of The Dying Ground and The Last King. A recipient of Writer-in-Residence Fellowships from both the Edward J. Albee Foundation and the Ucross Foundation, Tramble currently resides in southern California where she’s at work on a third Maceo Redfield novel. You can visit her author blog here.

If you’d like to recommend an underappreciated book for this series, please send mail to llalami at yahoo dot com.


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