Love, Chinatown Style

Vermin on the Mount is an irregular, irreverent reading series. Three words: Dark. Bar. Free. I can promise you there will be strumming, slicing, powerpointing, and raffle-offing (no, it will not make you blind).

You can buy a drink; win a t-shirt, book or Vermin-themed artwork; make some friends; and get stoked on the stuff four lovely ladies from around the world have been carrying around inside of covers: Meghan Daum, Susannah Breslin, Melissa Bell and Carlye Archibeque.

Also, it is Chinese New Year. Come one, come all, and come early to check out the festivities afoot at Gin Ling Way. Toss a penny in the wishing well and check out the old bars where Darby smashed a plate glass window and the Knack single-bandedly killed New Wave. Plus, the Legend of St. Vermintine.


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