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This Guardian profile is full of unabashed admiration for Nicholas Sarkozy, France’s Interior Ministor, praising him for “[calling] problems by their real name.”

He does not drink, jogs three miles every morning, but over-indulges in chocolate. He is a devastating media performer – the only man ever to have publicly demolished the bullying National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen.

Once Mr Chirac’s adopted political son (he even enjoyed a brief affair with Mr Chirac’s daughter in the late 1980s), the two men split, venomously, in the mid-1990s, when Mr Sarkozy backed Edouard Balladur in presidential elections that Mr Chirac won. He was cast into a political wilderness from which it took seven years to return. But return he has, and with a vengeance: he has repeatedly made it plain that he thinks Mr Chirac, after four decades at the top and with nothing to show for it, is yesterday’s man.

The article cannot, however, cover the fact that Sarkozy flirts with racist ideas at every turn. While he was a guest on Arlette Chabot’s prime time show, “A Vous de Juger“, he reportedly declared that the children of immigrants in the French banlieues were not French. The interviewer interverned, “But, Mr. Sarkozy, you yourself are the child of immigrants!” “Yes,” Sarkozy replied, “but Hungarian immigrants, not African.” (Read more on that interview here.)

French blogger (oh, wait, can I even refer to him as French, in Sarko’s definition?) Mohsan retorts:

Mr Sarkozy devrait aller voir les cimetières militaires de France et de Navarre remplis de tombes de combattants Africains et Nord-Africains morts pour l’honneur de la France, pendant que son père, hongrois, vivait en Hongrie, durant les 2 guerres. Là, la question d’intégration ne se posait pas pour les envoyer au champ de bataille comme chair a canons…

C’est bien dit, ça.


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