It’s Just Abuse of Brown People, Move Along, Nothing To See Here

Last week, I mentioned the racist/misogynist phone call that the infamous Star and Buc had made to an operator in India. (If you can’t listen to the clip, you can read Ed’s transcript.) After a week of the blogs keeping this story live, the news media is finally catching on, with the DJs’ hometown paper, the Philadelphia Inquirer, doing a piece. (If you’re not a registered user, you can get a free username/password combo at bugmenot.) Trouble is, instead of seeing the problem for what it is, the station makes excuses:

[Community-affairs director Loraine Ballard Morrill] said station managers have had “extensive discussions” since learning about the clip Thursday with Star, whose real name is Troi Torain, and Buc Wild, his half-brother, Timothy Joseph.

“It was made clear this is not acceptable, and it won’t happen again,” Morrill said.

She said the more serious matter was posting the clip on the Web site. “That probably made it a much more – just a worse situation. Then people could click on it and hear it. That was not cool… . He made a big ol’ mistake in judgment.”

The employee who posted the clip on the Internet will undergo sensitivity training, she said. The station also planned to post an apology.

“Essentially [we’re] apologizing for things on our Web site that were racially inflammatory and insensitive, saying, ‘We took it off our Web site and it won’t happen again.’ “

So it’s OK to insult people and call them “filthy rat eater[s]” as long as you don’t post it on the website? And it’s OK to force the peon who posted the clip on the website to undergo sensitivity training, rather than rather than the DJ who made the call?

But the kicker is this: the article ends with the suggestion that the people who complained were not the DJ’s audience, so their opinions don’t matter:

Most of the e-mails came from people who do not listen to Power 99, whose audience is mainly African American, [Morrill] said.

Imagine if a station like L.A.’s KROQ, whose audience is mostly white, had broadcast a racist call directed at African Americans, and upon receiving complaints from them said, well, our core audience really didn’t have a problem with it.

That simply won’t do. Please call or send them an email.

Update: Ed reports that Star and Buc have been suspended for a day.


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