Good Books/Good Cause

Remember that cool vidlit animation for Yiddish for Dick and Jane? Well, author MJ Rose is doing one for her new novel, The Halo Effect. You can see the animation here. But Rose is actually doing something pretty cool with it: For every blog that links to her video she is pledging $5 to the nonprofit literary organization Reading is Fundamental. The goal is to get 500 blogs to post between now and July 19th and raise at least $2500.


  • Cynicism trades hope for despair.
  • Imagine what Elizabeth Warren & Bernie Sanders—and all their supporters—could accomplish if they worked together.
  • Imagine if we didn’t pay attention to what pundits have to say about which candidate is more electable.
  • Imagine if liberals and progressives stopped giving Trump airtime through retweets, replies, and citations. The mor…

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