DFW: Take Your Fans’ Advice

I knew that the mention of David Foster Wallace in Benjamin Lytal’s review of The Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus would get Carrie’s attention. She posts her thoughts here. Here’s a sample:

Confidential note to DFW: May I speak from the heart? I love you but would suggest putting the word “boner” to bed. It’s a hard word to pull off past the fifth grade – and when you use it it doesn’t sound playful and subversive, which I would guess is your intent, but a little like you’re the duffer trying to hang with the kids. FWIW, when I turned 30, I forbade myself the use of “suck my big fat hairy dick” when angry. We all grow up and move on. Also, as long as we’re on it, “unpack” as a verb for exploring ideas? … pack it back up. Somewhere between “boner” and “unpack” is your age-appropriate vocabulary.** Thank you. I continue to love you.

For the rest, go here.


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