Over at The Head Heeb, Jonathan Edelstein has a very thoughtful post about Sharon’s decision to quit Likud, and what it could mean for Israel, and for Palestine.

The formation of a centrist party will be the second step in the political realignment that began with Amir Peretz’ victory in the Avoda primaries. Just as Avoda’s passivity has been replaced by pro-peace and social-democratic activism, the Likud as we know it is coming to an end. Instead of being several parties in one, the Likud will once again be the party of the nationalist right. The next election will see a fairly clear choice between three parties, each representing a different approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Peretz’ vision of a negotiated peace, the Sharon list for further unilateral withdrawals, and the Likud for maintenance of the status quo. The factions also seem ready to break down along economic lines into social democrats, populists and neoliberals, although the latter two will be represented on both the Sharon and Likud lists.

Read it all here.


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