Caine Prize Shortlist Announced

The shortlist of the Caine Prize for African Writing has been announced. The finalists are:

  • Doreen Baingana (Uganda) for “Tropical Fish.” (This story is part of her excellent debut collection, which I hope to feature on Moorishgirl very soon.)
  • Jamal Mahjoub (Sudan) for “The Obituary Tangle.”
  • SA Afolabi (Nigeria) for “Monday Morning.”
  • Ike Okonta (Nigeria) for “Tindi in the Land of the Dead.”
  • Mutual Naidoo (South Africa) with “Jailbirds.”

The Guardian has further details about the finalists. I’m a little disappointed that North Africa is left out of the running (yet again) but still delighted by the choices.


  • Fantastic season on ! It’s so rare to see such a great mix of writing, acting, and directing.
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  • Imagine if we didn’t pay attention to what pundits have to say about which candidate is more electable.

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