Brotherly Love, But Not For Brown Folks

Turbanhead alerts us to this piece of racist and misogynist crap that was broadcast on the Star and Buc morning show at Philadelphia’s Power 99 radio station, and which was posted on their website (since removed.) It’s a prank call to a call center operator in East India, and it’s not parody, nor satire, and in fact isn’t even funny. It’s just abuse. Please do something.

Update 1: Ron writes to advise us that Star and Buc are about to be added to the morning lineup at New York’s WWPR-FM (Power 105.1) on Jan. 17th. If you’re in New York, perhaps you could alert the station that you don’t want this kind of crap?

Request Line: 800-585-1051
Business Line: 212-704-1051

The program director is Michael Saunders, and his email should be

Update 2: Since the clip isn’t safe for work, Ed has kindly transcribed it. Be sure to read it so you can see what we’re dealing with here.


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