Bad Week To Quit Drinking

Angelenos, buckle your chinstraps. It is going to be wild week. Tonight: green tea, a sensible dinner and 8 hours shut-eye because tomorrow the mayhem begins. Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday and you know what that means. The best place to spend Mardi Gras if you are over 30 is Cafe Boogaloo in Hermosa Beach. I know it sounds like I am making this up but they have got some of the best food in the South Bay. Afterwards, head down the pier to Dragon and say hello to my sister (Hi Meghan!). Wednesday the Cajun craziness continues as friends from New Orleans arrive to teach us left coasters a thing or two about hurricanes. Thursday night casa Mick welcomes the Saucy Canadian from the Great White Naughty. All of which is prelude to 4 shows by the legendary O.C. self-destructoids Smogtown (whose death I prematurely eulogized in the liner notes of what was supposed to be their last record. Investor alert: order the vinyl). Now the beach city butchers are back and more dangerous than ever, if only to themselves. Smogtown is part Repo Man, part FIRPO and 100% punk rock. Costa Misery, Long Beach, Pomona, and Hollyweird: careful be very; the fuhrers of domesticviolenceland are coming. And if you needed another reason to come witness the latest and greatest installment of Vermin on the Mount in Chinatown on Sunday, it is only Chinese-freaking-New Year. Whether you prefer to sit at it, dance on it, or sleep under it, it is time to belly up, ladies and gentlemen, and shake your firecrackers.


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