Kenya’s Book Mobiles

The Observer‘s David Smith reports on Kenya’s use of camels as book mobiles to reach out to remote villages.

There was excitement when the library camels appeared on the horizon, refusing to be hurried from their patient progress. The animals set down their cargo, and the staff from the Garissa Provincial Library assembled the tent, laid down mats and unpacked the books.

For the children who have no television, music or computer, the sight of a book offers the promise of escape and self-improvement. Soon they were scrambling over each other to get the latest delivery of titles ranging from How Pig Got His Snout, The Orange Thieves and Shaka Zulu to the more prosaic Practical Primary English, Comprehensive Mathematics and Improve Your Science and Agriculture

You can help the program by donating through the Observer’s Book Aid page.

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(Observer link cribbed from the Lit Saloon.)