We Appreciate Your Patience

I’m writing this from the San Francisco airport, where I’ve been waiting for a flight home for the last five hours. The aircraft I was supposed to be on had an indicator light problem and we had to deboard; the second aircraft turned out to have a door problem; and so we were sent back to the first aircraft, which we’ve been promised will leave at 10 pm (five minutes ago!) To make matters worse, some idiot tried to go through the security gate behind us without taking his shoes off, which would have caused delays I can’t even begin to imagine.

The passengers around me are occupying themselves by yelling at the gate agent; speaking on their cell phones; reading Freakonomics and Goals!; eating junk food; and, um, blogging. I am also slowly catching up on email, and wanted to thank the many, many readers who’ve written me in the last few days. I will get to your note, I promise. All this by way of saying: Don’t expect much posting on Wednesday. I think I’m going to spend the day recuperating from my airport adventures, but will probably resume regular blogging by Thursday.