Reading Recap: Beyond Baroque

<Audience: About 30.
Anxiety index: 4 (out of 10).
Surprise guest(s): Two obstetricians and one pediatric neurologist.
Book given away: Instead of a book, I gave away a silver khamsa, a talisman that’s supposed to protect its wearer from the evil eye.
No. of Moroccans who said hello: 3. And they were hugely vocal and supportive. Thanks!

Last night’s reading at Beyond Baroque was a smashing success: great venue, great organization, and great crowd. I read scenes from two stories, “Acceptance” and “Homecoming,” to give people a taste of what my character Aziz was going through before trying his luck on one of the lifeboats, and after he came back to Casablanca, five years later. And I talked about how I came to writing in general, and the process of writing this book in particular.

Thanks to the Levantine Center, we had a great turnout. And we had some great questions, particularly from the Moroccan members of the audience, who seemed to be enjoying themselves greatly. It’s been really pleasurable to meet readers on the tour, and I feel very fortunate that so many people have come out to support Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits.